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Re: InstantDB: Reserved word issue

Hi, Jason --

The problem is that TEXT in InstantDB is a synonym for the binary
datatype ( see ).

As far as turning this off, I'm not sure there's a way (anyone else?). 
There is a strictLiterals parm in the db properties, but that prevents
literals from being interpreted as numerics or as column names. 

Is this schema coming from a SQLServer db?  If so, I'm a bit surprised,
since TEXT is a datatype name in SQLServer as well ...

Unless someone on the list has a better idea (which they very well
may!!), IMHO the column name needs to be changed: hopefully this won't
wreak havoc with existing code!

Bill Graham

> I am wondering if there is a way to 'turn off' this error checking (I
> didn't see Text as a keyword in my SQL 92 book), or will I have to
> change "Text" to something else?
> Thanks.
> PS: InstantDB is really a blast to work with!
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