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InstantDB: how to replace quotes with " ?

Hi, all!

I've made some kind of primitive "news management system" with
jsp&instantDB- just to make myself familiar with Java, JDBC and InstantDB.
One of the most stupid problem I've faced with is replacement of " with
". I need to convert " to " because I need to show data in a
form - but if there is a " symbol, the form in html does not render properly
(<input type="blah" value="hereis some value and if here is also
some"quotes" this form is not a "valid html document"">) - also, how is it
possible to convert ' to smth alse? InstantDB understands \' fine, but,
imagine, you should put escape symbol every time you need to edit a story...

When I try to use .replace() method of java.lang.String, I get an error (I
am new to java and I can not understand why it produces an error... In
vbscript (asp) it is a very simple function replce(inputstr, what to replce,
what replace with)...)

Maybe, someone can explain me, how things like this gets processed usually?

P.S. sorry for my poor english.

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