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Re: InstantDB: SQL syntax question

Cindy Tipper wrote:
> I've poured over the IDB syntax and can't seem to figure this one out,
> but perhaps it is due to a limited knowledge base of SQL....
> I want to write a query of the form:
>   SELECT * FROM myTBL WHERE (aColumn OR zColumn)=?

(<col> OR <col>) = <expr> is not legal SQL.  A bare <col> by itself is
not a valid boolean predicate, so it can't be combined with OR as a
boolean term in a search condition.

It's actually an ambiguous construction.  Would the condition be met if
<expr> is equal to the value of either <col>?  Or would the condition be
met if the boolean state of <expr> is the same as the state of the
boolean expression <col> OR <col>?

I know how _you_ want to use it today, but someone else might want the
other meaning.

Bill Karwin (
Application Architect - Lutris Technologies Inc.
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