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Re: InstantDB: Connection established during importing data


If an InstantDB database A is currently open in another JVM then you will
receive errors if you try to import from it. If you are certain that A is a
readonly database, then you can safely set recoveryPolicy=1 in a.prp. If A
could have been updated then should not try to import from it until it has
been safely shut down.

If A is closed when you do the import then it should work - see the attached




Peter Hearty               
Lutris Technologies (UK)
----- Original Message -----
From: "Krishna Gurusamy" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 4:35 PM
Subject: InstantDB: Connection established during importing data

> hi,
>   When i tried importing data from database A to two tables of database
> B using the following statements
> (Database A has tables A1 and A2...and database B has tables B1 and B2)
> 1.import B1 from 'jdbc:idb:A.prp' using 'Select *  from A1'
> 2.import B2 from 'jdbc:idb:A.prp' using 'Select col1,col2 from A1'
>   I get an exception that  'Table A1 is i  use by another jvm'.How do i
> release this connection established by the import statement to this
> table A1.I cant use the
> idbTrigger object to get the connection object corresponding to this
> table A1 since i do not find any event that could instantiate such a
> trigger that doesnt update A1 but mereley reads data from it.
> with regards,
> Krishna
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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> the list admin at
d org.enhydra.instantdb.jdbc.idbDriver;
;o jdbc:idb=c:\instantdb\bugs\sample.prp;
o jdbc:idb=c:\instantdb\bugs\a.prp;

SET EXPORT "trace.log" TRACE 6;

drop table a1;
create table a1 (int1 int, char1 char(10));
insert into a1 values (1, "aaaa");
insert into a1 values (2, "bbbb");
q select * from a1;
c close;

o jdbc:idb=c:\instantdb\bugs\sample.prp;
SET EXPORT "trace1.log" TRACE 6;
drop table b1;
drop table b2;
create table b1 (int1 int, char1 char(10));
create table b2 (int1 int, char1 char(10));
import b1 from url "jdbc:idb:c:/instantdb/bugs/a.prp"
 using "select * from a1";
import b2 from url "jdbc:idb:c:/instantdb/bugs/a.prp" 
 using "select int1,char1 from a1";
q select * from b1;
q select * from b2;

c close;
c exit;