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Re: InstantDB: Why both Windows and UNIX download

The application itself will be portable for sure. However goggles in the  
read abilities of properties files, mostly, make the data-files  
non-portable... that has to be remembered.

Someone might, one day, produce a form of converter. My experience is  
between a Macintosh (where your application could also run, InstantDB runs  
fine... infos towards making an installer available) and Unix.

I think it is often the case that the content are the same but usually  
windows downloads are zips whereas unix downloads are tar.gz (which are  
fairly more efficient).


On Thursday, September 14, 2000, at 03:00 PM, Per Steffensen wrote:

> Hi
> I was looking for a simple local database system to use with Java. Since 
> Java is protable between platforms, and since I want my application to
> be protable between platforms, I also want the database-system that I
> choose to use portable. Now I was ready to download InstantDB, but sees
> that there is both a Windows and a UNIX download. Why is that? Will it
> mean that my application will not be protable (unless I unclude
> different files for different platforms) if I choose to use InstantDB?
> Thanx
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