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InstantDB: Read only binary column ?

Hi, I was considering using InstantDB for a project, but came across
something that seems problematic. We're rewriting a website, originally
written in PHP, to Java, in order to place on a CD. All the necessaary
data will be flattened into a single database, and accessed locally,
instead of over the net.

The problem seems to be that the documentation states in readonly mode,
InstantDB cannot have readonly binary fields, which our database
currently uses. Now, the documentation isn't too clear on this point;
can it have binary fields, but not enforce the readonly aspect? It seems
that you can specify a tmp location for InstantDB to use ("e.g. Set
tmpPath=$user.home in the database properties file"), so can it use them
after all?

If I can't use a readonly binary column, I think I can get away with a
large varchar field, since the only reason we used a binary field
(MySQL's TEXT) was that MySQL didn't support varchar fields larger than
255 chars. However, there was some email exchange between a Peter Hearty
and a Markus Strickler about the maximum length of the rows:

> All of InstantDB's table rows are fixed length, unless you use one of the
> BINARY types. If you allocate a 65535 varchar field then you'll be
> allocating a fixed size 65535*2 ('cos it's unicode) field in every row. If
> you want genuine variable length character fields, use the TEXT type.
> Regards
> Peter Hearty
> Lutris Technologies (UK)

What exactly is the maximum length of a row in InstantDB? I don't think
I would cross it with this project, since the largest number of chars
held in the field in question is only a few thousand, but I might cross
it later, so I wanted to know.

Thanks In Advance,
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