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Re: InstantDB: RmiJdbc source?


> Where can you get the source for RmiJdbc.  All I've been able to find is
> jar file

The download at

contains the source as well as the runtime. You've probably already got it
and just don't realise.

> Is there any future plans for InstantDB to become thread safe?
> I know we can use RmiJdbc so we can have multiple vm open but
> Just wondering if InstantDB has any future plans to support multiple
> connnection
> at the same time.

InstantDB is thread safe and supports multiple simultaneous connections. You
can even have multiple JVMs access the database, but only if they are all
readonly. If you have any writers then that means there is in memory unsaved
meta-data. As there is currently no way in java to share memory between JVMs
it would be extremely hard (and slow) to communicate meta-data changes
between JVMs. Until such a facility exists it will be impractical to have
multiple JVMs writing to a single database. So bottom line is, no, there are
no plans to support this.

BTW - thanks for the policy file example. That'll be useful for others.


Peter Hearty
Lutris Technologies (UK)

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