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InstantDB: SQL Builder

General question on why i have to disconnect and then connect SQLBuilder
every time I run may web app.

I have a java based web app using Jakarta-Tomcat
When I load a page I connect to the database using SQLBuilder then look at a
particular tables contents then when I go to the web page and update data I
go back to the SQLBuilder and do a submit on the same table to see the
changes and nothing happens It seems like it works only when i do a
disconnect and then connect then view the contents of the table again.  Any
ideas why this happens?

Using Win 2000, jdk 1.3

I guess I'm more concerned with InstantDB being able to perform when 2 or
more users of the web page and getting the new info after user 1 enters it
and then user 2,3,4, etc looks it up a minute or less later.

could not find info on this on the archive.

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