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InstantDB: DB2 vs InstantDB using DBNavigator?

DBNavigator is a bean that is used along with Select another bean that
comes with Visualage For Java.
InstantDB would be my 1st choice if I could either get it to work with
DBNavigator and Select or if I thought I could write my own DB
navigation tools. As it is I have no choice but to use DB2. DB2 works
and InstantDB only partially works using these two VAJ IDE beans.

I can get connected (the job of the Select bean) but only the
next,previous,first,last buttons on DBNavigator work the
insert,delete,and update features do not work.

The Select Bean generates the select statement.
The generated select statement for InstandDB is: SELECT * FROM
The generated select statement for DB2 is : SELECT * FROM CRAIG.CUSTOMER

CRAIG is a schema that is part of the required DB2 hierarchy for
generating a table.

Do you suppose that because InstantDB does not have a schema identifier
it's causing DBNavigator to fail?


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