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Re: InstantDB: Error message "Column null not found"

> Christine Bregulla wrote:

Hi Christine,

> update ...
> Gemeldet =  ,  Modul =  , 

These assignments are not standard SQL syntax, using an empty expression
like this.  This could be the null that the error is directing you to,
not the literal NULL keyword that you assigned to other fields.  

Peter, if this is the case, can you consider changing the relevant error
message to  something such as, "Column [blank] not found" or, "Column
[empty] not found"?  

> Loesung = in Trossingen upgegradet,

This is also nonstandard SQL syntax.  I'm not sure if InstantDB permits
unquoted string literals.

> LoesungDatum = 2000-02-25 , LoesungZeit = 1970-01-01 , 
> LastMod = 2000-07-01 , Bis = 2000-02-25 ,
> Von = 2000-02-25 

Likewise, these date literals are not quoted.  So they appear like
arithmetic expressions.  2000 -2 -25 yields a result of integer 1973,
right?  <g>
I'm not sure if InstantDB permits unquoted date literals.

> Do you know about this and if so, what can we do to avoid the problem.

Without having tried it myself, I can speculate that you should:
- Specify a non-empty expression in assignments to Gemeldet and Modul
- List string literal 'in Trossingen upgegradet' with single-quotes
- List date literals with single-quotes

Bill Karwin
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