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InstantDB: I'm a new one, a french one !!

Hi there,
              I succed in the command = java -Xms16m -Xmx32m sample

I'm using JDK 1.2 and was placing the jar files in the =
c:\ jdk1.2 \ jre \ lib \ ext   directory.

This will allow InstantDB to be found without being placed in the CLASSPATH
and I removed the CLASSPATH.

I hope it's good and it'll work  ??

I noticed anything in the page of installation instructions.

If things go wrong =

If you get a ClassNotFoundException, or for some reason the sample program
doesn't load, then try the following:

1) Check that both idb.jar and idbexpl.jar are in your CLASSPATH.

Tfe zip file made a idbexmpl.jar file, I renamed it in idbexpl.jar,
it seems working ?

but I read =

Note - the Classes/idb.jar file is the only .jar that you need to keep in
order to use InstantDB. idbexmpl.jar.

Now you told about a idbexmpl.jar ??

Could you explain me why ?
and tell me if I failed somewher in the installation
I would to to make some database applications wich can be used in a web page
I think it's possible ? Someone could show me some of this please !

Thank you

   |          |
   | (o ) (o)
 C         _)   Nicolas :
   | ,_ __|  __/
   |        /         ICQ = 30507126
  /____\         Espace de chat WebOrama = OptiDev
/            \

Venez me visiter !!

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