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InstantDB: Building a DB

Hello there,

I am currently working on a layer project which talks to instantdb.  I am
not familiar with it and I need to create my own database.  Should I be
running the example with my own .txt and .sql files (modifying the run
script) or is there a tool or a better way to talk to instantdb???  I am
looking for some sort of application that would accept sql commands and let
me create my database.  So far I have tried commsql and running sample but
with no luck.  Commsql It takes all the statements but when I go into
JDBCmain to view it nothing is there??? The sample application worked when I
ran it as it is, but after modifying it and attempting to run my own script
it doesn't seem to work!!  I don't know what I am doing wrong? But I need to
create one, any ways will do!

thanks for your help

Myriam D. Charron
MDS Nordion
Computer Products Group
Kanata, Ontario
phone: 613-592-3400 ext. 2705
fax: 613-592-6559

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