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InstantDB: Fw: Problem fetching tables

Anyone out there got any experience of using Forte with InstantDB?


Peter Hearty
Lutris Technologies UK Ltd.
-----Original Message-----
From: Tane MacDonald <>
To: <>
Date: 12 May 2000 14:26
Subject: Problem fetching tables

>I'm now heading into week 2 and still I am having trouble fetching
>tables within the development tool Forte4Java.. Up untill now I have
>tried to sort this out myself, but I am having great difficulty. I have
>posted several queries on the forte news groups with not much joy...
>I was wondering if you people have succeeded in fetching tables using
>Forte & InstantDB..  I feel like I am so close.. yet so far away from
>solving my problem..  Basically I am stuck and wondered if someone could
>help me. I have managed to get the Forte IDE Explorer to connect to an
>InstantDB database.. I just can't seem to get my jtable to fetch colums
>from the database.. yet I can if I use Forte's explorer..
>I would appreciated any help you may provide and I look forward to a
>Thank you...
>Tane MacDonald

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