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InstantDB: Re: Instantdb (& Oracle CURSOR SQL) ?

Hi Chris, yes it's true.  If you're not already on there, be sure
to join the mailing list at

Be sure to post your question re: CURSOR SQL there.  That
way it'll get to Peter Hearty for sure.  Peter also gave this caveat
in some earlier email...

"InstantDB is mainly used in demo systems, readonly databases,
and in non-mission critical production systems. Provided your
application falls into one of these categories then InstantDB
should be able to handle it OK. "

I don't know the scope of your work, but I thought this might
be useful to you.


Chris Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> Great news on open source Instantdb - is it true ?
> Could I make a pleading for Oracle compatibility on one count; that is the
> introduction of Oracle's proprietary CURSOR SQL statement.
> This is the one big obstacle to using Instantdb for storage and retrieval of
> deeply nested XML documents. Oracle's XSQL is excellent, why can't Instantdb
> make the best of use of it ?
> Could someone at Lutris please try and investigate the CURSOR extension to
> Ibstantdb SQL ...
> Best
> Chris
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