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InstantDB: Some InstantDB questions

We are very please with InstantDB at Captura Software in Seattle, but we
have a few questions to throw out:

1. When Auto Increment is on, the column gets incremented not only when a
new row is inserted but also every time a row is updated.  I can't imagine
why anyone would want to increment on an update.  Although this can be fixed
by turning auto-increment off temporarily with a SET command, it seems like
a bug.

2. The command SET INCREMENT_BASE MAX does not change the Auto Increment
value although SET INCREMENT_BASE 5000 works fine.

3. You can get the last value inserted for an Auto Increment column by
calling the method GetLastValueInserted but this fact is not documented in
the prose on Auto Increment 

4.  The datatype of DATE causes problems with Borland's Data Express
package.  It thinks the column only holds a date rather than a date and a
time.  If InstantDB had an alias of DATETIME for the DATE type, it is
probable that Data Express (and DB Visualizer) would not drop the time part
of the field.

We would appreciate any feedback from the InstantDB team or from other

Tony Marshall
(425) 424 1176 Office
(206) 898 0597 Mobile

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