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Announcing InstantDB V3.13

InstantDB Version 3.13 is now available for download from:

New features added since version 3.12:

- Now accepts SELECT tableName.* from table...
- LIKE tests allow arbitrary expressions rather than just column
- Alternative locations for new tables can now be specified.
- SET EXPORT now allows a DELIMITER (delim) clause.
- Statement.setQueryTimeout() has now been fully implemented.
- preparedStatement.setXXXXstream() functions now implemented.
- New property "timerCheck" added.
- New property "prepareIgnoresEscapes" added.
- Non-updatable ResultSets now do a commit in auto-commit mode
  as soon as the results have been fetched.
- Minor parsing enhancement to allow quoted: "table"."column" as valid
- Minor enhancement to JDBCAppl to allow <ENTER> after URL or SQL entry.

Bug fixes since version 3.12:

- LIKE clauses did not handle \\ correctly. Fixed.
- GROUP BY did not execute correctly on second run of a prepared statement.
- SMALLCHAR did not process NULLs correctly. Fixed.
- Statement.setMaxRows(int) would truncate results sets prematurely even if
an ORDER BY was included. This made it impossible to fetch the "top" or
"bottom" set of values from a table. Fixed.
- The read ahead cache was not updated when rows got deleted from large
tables. Fixed.
- UNIQUE PRIMARY KEYs would sometimes allow duplicates. Fixed.
- Adding a binary column using ALTER TABLE caused an exception. Fixed.
- Bug when updating binary encrypted fields. Fixed.
- Index builds which utilise a large number of similar keys were very slow.
- Table names appearing in the SELECT part of GROUP BY expressions sometimes
caused parsing errors. Fixed.

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