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Re: InstantDB version 3.10 - two versions


Sorry for the confusion. Beta releases should announce themselves as such
when the banner appears on the Java console. Something like:

InstantDB - Version 3.10 beta 2

I used to give betas release numbers in their own right. But the history was
getting so clogged up with daily releases that that approach was becoming

The general idea with betas is to give people that have asked for particular
features or bug fixes a chance to get access to them without having to wait
for weeks for a full release. Generally speaking, the documentation in betas
may be a bit behind.

I'm open to suggestions if people would like to see things done differently.


Peter Hearty
Instant Computer Solutions
-----Original Message-----
From: John H Thompson <thomps@WORLD.STD.COM>
To: <>
Date: 01 November 1999 15:24
Subject: InstantDB version 3.10 - two versions

>It's a bit confusing to have two InstantDB version 3.10s.  In my looking
>at the two releases and file dates therein, there seems to be much
>improvement in documentation,  differences in the dates of three .java
>files, and rebuilt .jar files between the 10/13/1999 3.10 and the
>10/31/1999 3.10 releases.  Was the 10/13 release a beta? I don't
>remember. If not, perhaps the current 10/31 release might better be
>called 3.11.
>What, for the record, are your ground rules for numbering releases?

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