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Enhydra Community Process

The organization of the Enhydra Community Process (ECP) is crucial to its well-being. Because a community, instead of a company, governs the Enhydra project, organization can often be lacking, if not nonexistent. This document details the organization of the groups, and particularly the working groups, within the ECP. It also provides a reference for disputed issues, and a location for setting up standards to avoid having problems recur.

The working groups are defined as one process for interaction between the Enhydra Community at-large and the website. The working groups serve as a point of contact for the Enhydra Community to find detailed information and support for a subset of particular technology in the Enhydra open source project. Additionally, the working groups are aligned with the main modules of the Enhydra codebase, allowing for segregation of functionality and administration of modules without the overhead of maintaining the entire Enhydra codebase at one time.

Each of the sections of the current ECP are listed below, and following the links will take you to complete information on that section.

The ECP, like any other open source projcet or process, is intended to be a living thing. It will change as the needs and desires of the Enhydra community changes, and as you need it to change. While we at Lutris maintain this document, and this process that it describes, it is purely in place for the community's benfit. It is, then, your document, and your process. Please let us know what you like, what you hate, what you want to see, and where you want Enhydra and its processes to go. Please direct all comments and suggestions regarding the ECP to the Enhydra Strategist, who maintains this document, Brett McLaughlin.