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FlashText (take a text string and express it in Flash)

enhydraFlash.tar.gz     38.7 K
This very simple demo supports the capability to take a text string and express it in Flash with some special effects. Source code is provided.

PhoneList (Simple application for storing and retrieving phone numbers)     18.6 K
The source code. "phoneList" is a demonstration application for querying and updating a list of phone numbers in a database. It has been tested with Informix and Oracle databases. Be sure to read the included readme before installing.

GolfShop (Online golf store shopping cart)
DemoApp (Introduces Enhydra features)

The source to these two demo applications is now included with the main Enhydra source archive.

Calculator (simple example, simulates a 4-function calculator)     84 K
The source code. This is a nice little one-url application. Check it out!

Chat Room (a chat room with a special algorithm that gives the effect of push technology, but uses only standard HTTP)     42 K
The source code: This is an excellent small application to use as a code example. Note-- the "push" algorithm is a feature of this application, not a generic part of the Enhydra Application Framework. Consult the source.

EnhyDraw Poker (video poker)     1.0 M
DODesignStudio.jar     205 K
The source code and classes: This is a really cool demo contributed by Larry Wolcott and Daryl Tempesta. Check it out! It requires the DODesignStudio.jar. If you don't have DODS, you can just download the jar file above and add it to the Server.ClassPath in Poker.conf.

We Want Your Demo

We would love to add your demo program to this list. Send an email if you would like to contribute a demo application.

Note: At the top of each of these trees is a file called This file holds the global configuration settings of the tree. For the GolfShop and DemoApp you will need to edit this file, the line begining with ENHYDRA_DIR, to point at your installation of Enhydra. To build the entire Enhydra tree you will need to edit other settings to account for the locations of various pieces of software on your system, for example Swing (JFC). See, and also lib/ (in your Enhydra installation) for more details.

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Chat Room

EnhyDraw Poker

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