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Enhydra: Motorola/J2ME/Enhydra/kXML announcement

As you know, every new platform (operating system, hardware,
etc.) needs applications to ensure its success.  There's a  growing
awareness of the open source process as an effective mechanism
and methodology for producing high quality software.  For the
first time, we believe, a major hardware manufacturer is starting with
an open source project, namely Enhydra, to foster the delivery of
those critical applications for its new generation of mobile devices.

Today, Lutris Technologies and Motorola Corporation are announcing
that the SDK for Motorola's new generation of iDEN phones will
incorporate Enhydra as a development platform for internet and 
client/server iDEN/Web applications.  Available later this month,
Lutris will ship Lutris Enhydra 3.5, which will include the iDEN SDK, 
as well as the iDEN phone emulator so that developer's can deliver 
applications in time for the actual availability of iDEN devices in 

Motorola next generation iDEN handsets feature the new Java 2 Micro
Edition (J2ME)standard.  J2ME support means richer Web presentations
than are possible with today's WML/HTML cell phones, because no 
transcoding or gateways are required.  This is accomplished by 
supporting the HTTP stack, giving the iDEN devices the ability to
send and receive XML datasets over HTTP, which is both efficient and
lightweight. It's anticipated that  iDEN devices will appeal to 
broad horizontal mobile application requirements as well as vertical 
markets for the mobile workforce such as real estate, construction, 
transportation and field service and support.

Lutris Enhydra 3.5 features a leaner, faster Enhydra XMLC for HTML/WML
development with new support for wireless devices based on XHTML, J2ME,
compact HTML (cHTML) for the NTT DoCoMo iMode market and VoiceXML.
This goes beyond Enhydra's current support for HTML and WML

As a very significant tangent, we're also very happy to announce
tomorrow's rollout of a new Enhydra project at
The kXML technology is an open source, client-side XML parser tuned
for the small footprint of the Java KVM for J2ME environments.
It is the glue that connects J2ME devices and Enhydra applications.
We welcome project chair Stefan Haustein, working with Lutris'
Brett McLaughlin, to the Enhydra open source effort.

For more on the Lutris/Motorla announcement, see...


David H. Young
Chief Evangelist
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA
831.460.7310; 831.471.9754 (fax)
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