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Enhydra: Exciting Changes at!

All, we are pleased to announce some major changes on!

First of all, we are increasing the scope of the Enhydra
Open Source effort under the umbrella of "Open Source for
E-Business". The site revamp is underway and some of the
changes are already in place. The purpose is to divide up
the site into four areas:

Integrated Platforms: Where you can download packaged
versions of the application server & InstantDB platforms
with bundled tools.

Platform Modules & Services: This section with contain all
the building blocks of the platforms e.g. kernel, common
libraries and services. This is keeping with the new
plug'n'play services architecture of Enhydra Enterprise. We
hope to see an array of optional services that can be added
to the Enhydra platform at runtime. Such services will
include SOAP, BXXP, WebDAV, Scheduling, etc. This breakdown
will also make is much easier for people to get involved: it
will be possible to check out a single service and build
against the latest binary release. Currently you have to
build the entire tree and that takes 2.5 hours on my machine

Applications: Web and wireless applications that run on the
Enhydra platform. We have been approached by a number of
individuals and companies that would like to Open Source
their application and are creating this section for this
purpose. Lutris will be contributing a skills tracker
application (Abalone) that we currently use in our
Consulting practice, a Enhydra based Bug Tracking System
(unamed, but BTS is likely!) and a work in progress, jFAQ -
similar to faq-o-matic but with a better management
interface. Of course, it's all Open Source!

Tools & Technologies: This area is for tools (development
and designer) that further the Enhydra platform and
technologies that are useful in their own right, but will
undoubtedly be integrated into the Enhydra platform in the
future. We will separate out DODS, Kelp to join XMLC in this

Each project will have its own website with (we hope you'll
agree) improved navigation, content and search.

To kick off this initiative we a proud to announce two new

Mapper by Marty Phelan. Marty is a community member and long
time Enhydra user. This project includes and toolkit and
JBuilder plug-in that allows you to more quickly build
certain types of Enhydra applications. Nice work Marty!

Osage, contributed by George Stewart, is a modern
object-to-relational mapping technology that complements
that found in DODS by being a implementation of the most
recent thoughts of Scott Ambler - a recognized expert in
this area.

Welcome Marty and George!

If anybody else is interested in starting a project or has
an existing project that they would like us to consider
hosting, please contact us at

Finally, please pardon us if you run into problems with the
new site or think the navigation is confusing. We are
working very hard to roll out the changes quickly and
accurately, but it is likely that we have overlooked

Thanks for your support an  long live the Otter.....!

Paul A Morgan
Chief Technology Officer
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA
831.460.7307; 831.471.9754 (fax)

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