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Enhydra: Lutris Enhydra

Dear Enhydra Community,

Next week Lutris will make a public announcement covering our impending
release of a commercial version of Enhydra called Lutris Enhydra.  I wanted
to let you know this is coming and to answer some questions this
announcement may raise.

Let me assure you that we have not lost our firm commitment to the Open
Source movement. We at Lutris will continue to work on Enhydra in a joint
fashion with you and it will continue to be available as Open Source from
the site. Lutris Enhydra will be released under the same license
terms as Open Source Enhydra.

Lutris Enhydra is a commercial version of Open Source Enhydra in the same
way that Red Hat Linux is a  commercial version of Open Source Linux.
Available for an extremely low price, Lutris Enhydra will provide a CD,
printed documentation, and access to our upcoming support and training
services. We have put this package together in response to demand from
members of the Enhydra community and as a way to help expand that community.

Lutris Enhydra as well as our support and training offerings will be
available over the next few weeks.  Final details will be announced soon.

We see this as an important next step for the Enhydra community and hope you
share in our excitement.

Warmest regards,

Yancy Lind
Pres/CEO, Lutris Technologies

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