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Designers: XMLC beats JGenerator easily

I have seen items about JGenerator but the fact is
that XMLC beats JGenerator handsdown. 

Why? Because XMLC already is a universal translator,
it works with any app server and outputs to any device
including Flash 5.0.

Why limit your application or design? With XMLC you
can Write the application ONCE and its instantly ready
for cell phones, Flash 5.0, palm pilots , ANY internet
device. XMLC is the universal translator, now.

And it's available both as Open Source only and a
supported version as well.

I am a designer and have worked on www.Customatix.com,
there is nothing like XMLC for handling demanding
requirements easily. They have 3 billion trillion
choices all in XMLC; in a proven commercial

Why would you limit your projects to JGenerator when
you can have the best NOW in XMLC? It's feature rich
and has been tried and true.

Before you choose, try XMLC. You owe it to yourself,
your budget and portfolio.

Daryl Tempesta

*	To: <designers@enhydra.org>
*	Subject: Designers: JGenerator
*	From: "Jeff Carroll" <jcarroll@nn.com>
*	Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 13:06:32 -0600
*	Reply-To: Designers@enhydra.org
*	Sender: owner-Designers@enhydra.org

This may have already been mentioned (Search is not
working right now for this mailing list), but If
Enhydra is looking at Flash generation, then they
should piggyback off the JGenerator application at

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