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Enhydra: Graphical Servlet Debugger Available...

Today Lutris Technologies announces the availaility of the Enhydra Servlet Debugger 1.0.

This is a graphical Open Source monitoring tool implemented as a 100% Web
application that can be used with any servlet runner, including Apache's Jserv, to
capture requests, responses and servlet API calls.  An applet is included that monitor
the requests in real-time.  No changes are required to your code.  Reliable capture
of text output is supported as an alternative to using "View Source" in your browser.

For the official announcement, see
The Enhydra download site is:

Using a special URL, requests are made to the debugger and then forwarded on
to the target servlet. The debugger keeps a queue of requests and responses.
Every detail about the request and response is kept. Also, a trace is kept of
every call to the servlet API (e.g. getHeaders()), including the result of the
call. For text output, a copy of the output is also kept eliminating the need
to use "view source". The time spent in the service() method is recorded.
An applet shows the list of requests in real time as they occur.

Screen Shots
Request details:
Servlet API trace:
Response details:

David H. Young
Vice President Corporate Development
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA
831.471.9753 x210, fax: 831.471.9754

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