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Enhydra: Enhydra 2.1 is now available

Release 2.1 of Enhydra is now available from:

The key new feature is Enhydra XMLC (Extensible Markup Language Compiler)
that allows Web applications to be more maintainable and supports the use of
reusable HTML templates.  Using the contributed work of fellow Open Source
effort OpenXML (, the Enhydra XMLC compiler converts HTML
documents into Java classes represented as DOM objects.  The W3C standard
DOM defines a way to represent XML documents as a Java object tree.  This
process lets developers easily isolate data application logic from interface
design, improving collaboration between the developer and the interface
designer.  The inclusion of simple id tags in an HTML document means that
HTML templates can be designed with any best-of-breed HTML editor, and then
be used over and over with no impact on the underlying application.

Also, Enhydra 2.1 fully supports JDK 1.2, and includes instructions on how
to configure Enhydra for use with Apache and Apache JServ.

Watch for the official news release for Enhydra 2.1.

Ray Love
Director of Marketing
Lutris Technologies
831.471.9753 x212
FAX: 831.471.9754

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