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InstantDB Release Notes

These release notes summarize new features and fixed bugs for the most recent releases of InstantDB.

Version 3.26, Feb 2001

New Features

Bug fixes

Version 3.25, Dec 2000

New Features

Bug fixes

Version 3.24, 30th Nov 2000

Internal Lutris release.

Version 3.23, 17 Oct 2000

New Features

Bug fixes

Version 3.22, 9 Oct 2000

Lutris internal release.

Version 3.21, 25 Sep 2000

New Features

Bug Fixes

Version 3.20, 21 Sept 2000


Version 3.14, May 2000

In addition to the information provided below, see the database properties and SQL syntax documentation for more details on the changes in this release.

We hope you will find these new features beneficial. Please send your comments or suggestions for InstantDB to

New Features


Fixed Bugs and Enhancements


Version 3.13, 26th Feb 2000


Version 3.12, 11th Dec 1999


Version 3.11, 27th Nov 1999


Version 3.10, 30th Oct 1999


Version 3.0, 30th Sep 1999


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