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Re: Designers: Flash & XMLC idea

On Monday 05 March 2001 20:40, you wrote:
> I don't mean XML for presentation.  I mean XML for communicating data
> from the PO to the Flash application.  This is to take advantage of the
> Flash feature of retrieving and parsing XML.  
> We could use that as a mechanism for a running Flash "applet" to get new 
> data and udpate its display.  
> The XML retrieved wouldn't specify any layout or design
> elements, this would already be known to the .swf file that is running.
> Apologies if my previous message didn't make this clear.

Maybe I'm stupid, but isn't that *exactly* what the FlashText demo at already does? The PO sends the 
presentation independent XML data

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE Name SYSTEM "dtd/EnhydraFlash.dtd">
<Name id ="name">Your name here</Name>

to the running flash "applet". This flash "applet" parses the data and 
presents it in a nice and flashy form.

I fail to see why the exact same principle cannot be used to e.g. display XML 
data of the form


or whatever XML needs to be displayed.

And while I'm not (yet :-) really a Flash expert, I fail to see why the 
parsing and re-display of this XML data can't be triggered periodically (or 
event driven, or whatever)  by means of ActionScript instead of once at 
"applet load time" as in the simple FlashText demo.

In short, I simply don't see where anything new would be needed to do what 
you propose. It's already up and running...

Richard Kunze

[ t]ivano Software, Bahnhofstr. 18, 63263 Neu-Isenburg
Tel.: +49 6102 249 600, Fax.: +49 6102 247 970,
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