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Re: Designers: Hello

> This cramped space becomes apparent
> when trying to work with even moderately sized XML documents.


I just thought I'd chime in here to talk about Flash 5, XML and Enhydra. So
far, in the 3 demo applications I've been working on (Airsent, Chess, and an
adventure-style multiplayer game) I haven't run into any serious performance
problems using XML data transfers. Of course, the nature of these apps is
such that they don't require incredible amounts of data to run. Airsent data
is pretty thin and the chess game need only transfer simple moving
instructions.... The adventure game was a different story. One of the ways
in which the game operates is by constant client updates every time another
player enters the game, moves, or performs any type of action. I decided to
format the XML so that it would as easy as possible to parse in Flash.
Here's an example of the transfer from client to server when a new player
enters the game:

<player name="Player1" type="elf" x="100" y="100 z="0" mhp="45" hp="39" />

Formatting our data transfers like this, as opposed to using nested tags,
greatly improved performance on the client side.

> The result of the
> external scan could then be passed back in via another lightweight XML
> document.

We agree then that this, and other kinds of compact formatting approaches
could be used to translate larger XML documents into the lightweight data
transfers you were talking about... It would be interesting to see if
Enhydra had some kind of built in mechanism for dealing with said files...

I'm curious to hear ideas about a Flash 5 demo app that would be required to
crunch large XML files. A purely informational site perhaps? A word

Russ Duckworth

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