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Re: Designers: Flash & XMLC idea

Richard Kunze wrote:
> And while I'm not (yet :-) really a Flash expert, I fail to see why the
> parsing and re-display of this XML data can't be triggered periodically (or
> event driven, or whatever)  by means of ActionScript instead of once at
> "applet load time" as in the simple FlashText demo.

Yes, that's exactly the scenario I had in mind.

> In short, I simply don't see where anything new would be needed to do what
> you propose. It's already up and running...

Maybe I made it sound like something more innovative than what I had in
mind.  I'm not proposing anything that can't be done (and hasn't
_already_ been done) today.  I'm just suggesting some helper Java
classes to simplify the effort of producing these apps.

For example, it'd do the same thing as the ShowName.handleFlash() method
in the FlashText demo, but in a generalized way, so it could be used
from any presentation class for any XML template and Flash client.

It'd use reflection to look up the fooXML class based on a parameter
from the request, rather than having ShowNameXML.class hardcoded as in
the FlashText demo.  Likewise, it'd traverse fooXML's DOM and look for
elements to fill in, whereas the FlashText demo is hardcoded to call

What I'm proposing is a way to avoid having to write handleFlash()
methods over and over again, for each point of interaction between Flash
clients and the Enhydra presentation layer.

Bill Karwin (
Application Architect - Lutris Technologies Inc.
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