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InstantDB: Re: Case Insensitive Search

Hi Ravindra:

I don't think InstantDb provides case incensive search (with index).  However, I 
use a stupid way to work around it, which is:

1). Create and load another column for lowercase names in your database table 
(address).  Let's call this new column as "nameLC".

2). Before you submit the query, lowercase it and then submit the SQL:

SELECT * from address where nameLC="david"

It works but requires extra column and index.

-- Chris

> How do I perform a case insensitive
> search in a SQL ?
> I refer to Mr Chris J Lu's question in InstantDB :
> How to search a name = "David" or "david" or "DAVID"
> or "DAvid" 
> from a table (address). What is the SQL ?
> SELECT * from address where name="david" (Ignore case)
> ??

 Chris J. Lu (Ph.D.)
 Senior System Architect
 Commerce One
 301 435 3170 phone
 301 480 6183 fax

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