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Re: InstantDB: Error: Unknown column

Hi there --

> >  main insert into member ( title ) values ( Mrs )

This generally means that bare text is inside the values clause, as
seems to be borne out by the line quoted above: did you remember to
embed the string value within single quotes?  If not, almost all sql
parsers will try to interpret the bare text as a column name, resulting
in the error you are seeing.

Hope this helps,

Bill Graham
Software Engineer
360 Powered Corporation

p.s. first post, so I'll introduce myself:  I'm a Java/Perl/SQL
programmer and quasi-DBA living in Seattle, Washington.  I'm currently
working on JDBC-related coding, and am evaluating InstantDB for use in
an application for my current employer.  Hope to learn and contribute
along with all of you!
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