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Enhydra: news re: roles & players

Hi everybody,

In response to the growing participation and scale of and the Enhydra effort, this short note is to
let you know about a few personnel changes related to roles.

First of all, Shawn McMurdo ( will
be taking on the role of main technical contact for the project
as Andy moves on to other Lutris projects.  Shawn was one of
the original developers of Enhydra and has contributed in many
areas, including the use of the Servlet API, session management,
the RMI connection method, the newApp tool, and the Enhydra Jolt
parser.  He has also been using Enhydra in commercial applications
for more than a year and a half.  Andy will now focus on
commercial project work at Lutris Technologies, but will remain
a contributor to Enhydra and monitor this list.

Secondly, Mike Gionfriddo ( will be
taking on the role of managing the overall Enhydra vision and project
direction, as well as serve as spokesman when the opportunity arises.
For example, Mike will be co-presenting at JavaONE in June with
Lutris’ customer Kinko’s Corporation.  As the original architect for
JMAPI, Java Management API, while working  for Sun Microsystem’s
JavaSoft division, Mike has all the essential attributes to develop
and direct the Enhydra roadmap.  Please contact either Shawn or Mike
when you have a project you want to contribute.

Finally, Ray Love ( will be transitioning to the
role of overall manager of  He's taking over the Web
site and will look for opportunities to promote the Enhydra project.
For example, anyone with a usage story for the site please contact

As a devoted fan of Enhydra, I will continue to support Enhydra behind
the scenes, particularly in speaking engagements and other getting-the-
word-out activities.


David H. Young
Vice President, Corporate Development
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831.471.9753 x210
831.471.9754 (Fax)

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