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Enhydra: Announcing the release of DODS beta 9

The beta-9 release of the Data Object Design Studio (DODS)
is now available for download on the Enhydra web site.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with
this release.

The beta-9 release of DODS fixes the following bugs:

-  No more infinite loop in DO class constructors that
   take a ResultSet parameter.

-  Default CHAR column values for Sybase databases now use
   the correct quote character (fix courtesy of Chris Ryan).

-  All source generators now handle data members of
   abstract super classes.
   A non-abstract Data Object with no children (a "leaf" DO)
   will have set and get methods for all data members
   in its super classes.

The following Enhydra subscribers have graciously donated
their time to report and track down bugs, submit needed
enhancements, and provide valuable feedback:

   Ed Boring
   Indra Heckenbach
   Ping Lau
   Chris Ryan
   Larry Wolcott

Thank you all very much.

Jay Gunter
Lutris Technologies

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