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Re: Designers: Hello

> but we wanted to
> float the discussion to get the best all-around perspective.

well I'm very new to enhydra, but one thing to look at might be some sort of
integration with JGenerator ( ). This is a (LGPL) Java based
Generator clone which is run as a servlet.

> It depends on what you mean by embedded systems, but Enhydra's
> small footprint makes it ideal for that environment.  Enhydra has been
> used inside phones to support cool applications.

I must have missed this element completely - which of enhydra's components is used
within the device  ?!?  I'd just installed Enhydra this past weekend.

> So, let us know if you have any special insights on Flash and what
> should be doing with it.

I'm not sure how special they'll be ;)  - I am glad to see that other people are
interested in adapting Flash as an application medium.

> D

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