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Designers: Flash & XMLC development

Hi David,

I see embeding in context of the two ways I see Flash can be used, these
are building and distribution.

The first is a solution in real time taking advantage of Flash/XMLCs low
profile on the client side. In this way I see the need for automatic
updates to Flash presented in a UI (presentation objets). Embedding in
these terms would be to tightly integrate to achieve top performance.
This is scenario is used as an application taking advantage of best of
breed and filling in the blanks with features to be developed or

The second is how you wrap this up and embed it all into a single file
that would contain The Flash GUI, database, video, and other embedded
components. In this scenario it would be used as simply a reviewable
format with a robust set of embedable objects. This would be suited for
presentations, archive ditrbution, etc.. This can be used for all the
standards including remote training, entertainment etc..

I am asking around to see what else my designing cohorts want to see in
this reguard, If anyone has more specific feedback please let me know.
If there are some additional points anyone would like to make in this
reguard, I would be interested.


> the idea of initating the designer's alias and the on-the-edge site on

> was to find out what integration people wanted to see.
> I'm sure there are those at Lutris who have ideas, but we wanted to
> float the discussion to get the best all-around perspective.

> It depends on what you mean by embedded systems, but Enhydra's
> small footprint makes it ideal for that environment.  Enhydra has been

> used inside phones to support cool applications.
> So, let us know if you have any special insights on Flash and what
> should be doing with it.

>> David
>> dlb wrote:
>> Just saying hello - I'm eager to get up to speed w/ Enhydra
>> How does the Enhydra development community intend to provide 'more
>> support' for F5 ?
>> _also what special aptitudes does the Enhydra platform possess
towards embedded
>> systems - there seems to be an emphasis in this area.
>> thanks
>> David

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