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InstantDB: InstantDB, the Cassiopeia E-125 & the JVM


	Here I am still working on the same program I asked about last week.

I have a database with two tables:

  	    stmt.executeUpdate ("CREATE TABLE tbl3000 (UC TEXT PRIMARY KEY,
" +
  				"Str0 BINARY, type BYTE, Freq INT, basic8
  	    stmt.executeUpdate ("CREATE INDEX basics ON tbl3000 (basic8)");

	    stmt.executeUpdate ("CREATE TABLE ImgCharA (UC TEXT, " +
 				"ID BYTE, img24x24 BINARY)");
	    stmt.executeUpdate ("CREATE INDEX unicodes ON ImgCharA (UC)");

	tbl3000 has exactly 3000 records, ImgCharA has about 28000.

	I have two basic selects:

		SELECT * FROM tbl3000 WHERE basic8 = "BB" ORDER BY Freq DESC

	This one "selects" somewhere between 1 an 135 records, takes 2-8
seconds & I can
live with that.

		SELECT img24x24 FROM ImgCharA WHERE UC = "4E2D"  AND ID = 3

	The UC-ID combination is unique so this select returns only one 72
byte array. It takes
somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds. I am hoping to drasticaly reduce this
some how!!

	In addition, I have been forced to place a sleep (Thread,sleep
(100)) before each occurance of
the second select. If I do not do this I get this error message from the
	Java Panic
	Unable to suspend
	threads, 1024 (more?)

I am desparate! Does anybody know what the error message means or where I
could find out what it means?

It may be that the Cassiopeia Pocket PC is just to slow for InstantDB &
Java, that bad thought now withstanding;
how can I improve the response with the ImgCharA select.

	Thanks for your time!


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