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Re: InstantDB: idb and VisualCafe

The trace.log file is created by InstantDB on startup. Its relative path 
starts from the current directory and not the path where the prp file 
resides (like the rest of the paths specified in the prp file. Most likely 
you expected the result directory to be:
D:\Java Projects\InstantDB\result\trace.log
instead its quite possibly trying to create a file in a directory that 
doesnt exist:
D:\visualcafe\bin\result\trace.log  -- or something like that depending on 
the current directory.

If you use an absolute path for traceFile you should be ok:
traceFile = D:\Java Projects\InstantDB\result\trace.log

Any chance of changing this so traceFile behaves like the rest of the paths 
in the prp?

>From: "Béasse Christophe" <>
>I have some problem in VisualCafe 4.0 Expert Edition when I try to connect 
>to an InstantDB DataBase
>Here you can see what I do to insert a new Datasource :
>Windows Dialog : Insert Datasource
>Database Drivers : org.enhydra.instantdb.jdbc.idbDriver
>Vendor SubProtocol : idb
>Vendor SubName : D:\Java Projects\InstantDB\JQZDB.prp
>Add Table Wizard - Define a Datasource
>I Select jdbc:idb:D:\Java Projects\InstantDB\JQZDB.prp with no username and 
>Then I get this message :
>IO problem : : .\result\trace.log
>I can get far away from this Error Message Dialog Window
>So I go to JQZDB.prp file and I put a ! infrobt of the line :  
>And now It's all right and I can define datasource in VisualCafé
>What's the matter, What's wrong with me
>Christophe Béasse
>Enseignant MRBT (STI/Maths)
>8, rue jean de la Fontaine
>22 590 Pordic
><< JQZDB.prp >>

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