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RE: InstantDB: IDB Driver name

Hi Christian
--- Christian Cryder <>
> Hi Helge,
> Actually it should. The Servlet 2.2 spec states that
> any .jar file in the
> /lib directory will be loaded when the web app
> starts. I have verified that
> idb.jar is in this directory (and that the jar does
> in fact contain the
> driver class). 

I would try Helge's suggestion.  Either add to the
classpath environment or modify the tomcat startup
scipt to add InstantDB to the class path.  Tomcat will
echo the classpath on startup.

>I also have another jar file in the
> lib directory, and it is
> getting loaded, so I'm 99.9% sure it is in fact
> already in the classpath.

It probably doesn't help to have the InstantDB jar in
context.  My experience with Tomcat is Class.forName()
fails for classes in the context unless you provide
Tomcats's class loader.

Regards, george

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