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InstantDB: InstantDB table access from CMP EJB

Not sure which list this belongs on...

I have a simple Java client that creates CMP EJBs (using latest versions
of EnhydraEnterprise and InstantDB). I've found that if I use
org.enhydra.instantdb.ScriptTool to create the table, using a file with
the following code:

; First load the JDBC driver and open a database.
d org.enhydra.instantdb.jdbc.idbDriver;
o jdbc:idb=<full_path_to_file>/NE.prp;

e drop table ne_sample;
e create table ne_sample (
  name	       varchar(30) unique primary key
e insert into ne_sample values("foo");
e insert into ne_sample values("bar");

c close;

that I can't access the tables from my bean. However, if I use a servlet
(using JDBC/Datasource; specifically a modified version of InitServlet,
found in EETest) to do the same table creation steps, the beans then
have access to the table, even with server restarts. In both cases, I
can use DBBrowser to view the table contents.

Any thoughts? I'm new to Enhydra/InstantDB so I'm not sure if there are
file permission issues (I'm grasping here!) that I might be missing, or

Thanks --
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