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Re: InstantDB: What's involved in getting prepared statement meta data working

--- george stewart <> wrote:
> To InstantDB maintainers,
> What's involved in supporting meta data from
> prepared
> statements? 

> I'll experiment with this, but ask anyway.  How will
> InstantDB behave if setObject(xx, null)?  Does it
> set
> to null, or do I need setNull(xx, type).

I exercised this and setObject(xx, null) behaves
nicely.  It sets the column value to 'NULL'.  Both on
insert and update.

My guess is that InstantDB doesn't precompile
statements, just assembles a string statement from the
supplied arguments.

Now, if there was just some way to determine if the
JDBC driver supported metadata from prepared
statements.  Currently, the only option is to try and
then catch the exception.

Regards, george

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