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InstantDB: Reconnection problem

We are developping Web site using InstantDB and JRun/Apache (or Tomcat
3.1/Apache) through a simple JDBC connection and JDK 1.3.

During the development, we encountered the following problem on both
systems (JRun and Tomcat) :
We connect to the InstantDB database (through a servlet), make some
queries, then close the JDBC connection. When we try to reconnect to the
database after a while (about 4 or 5 hours), we must shut down the
servlet due to CPU and memory utilization growing up to 100% of
available resources. If we do not make the first connection to database
(but the servlet is running) and wait for a long period (4 or 5 hours),
the problem doesn't seem to appear. If the time between two connections
is under this period, it works fine !

Has anyone experienced the same problem ? We have read some discussion
on problem during connection closing, what is it about ?


Guy Satge

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