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Re: InstantDB: SQL query does not run

Hi Thomas,

One observation: this is a cartesian product, because there is no join
condition that links vrnt with any other table.  So it might be
generating a result set that is larger than what you intend.  If that
results in a ridiculously large result set, it could be overwhelming the
InstantDB engine.

Have you considered testing simpler queries with fewer tables until you
can build up the full 14-way join?

Thomas Vatter wrote:
> from
>      eintr, stf, mng, knz, gfh, rstkmb, gbd, stc, rm, fchabt,
>      ins, arb, brb, vrnt
> where
>      dor is null and doa is null and unme <> "zxy" and
>      eintr.stfn = stf.stfn and
>      eintr.brbn = brb.brbn and
>      eintr.fchabtn = fchabt.fchabtn and
>      eintr.gbdn = gbd.gbdn and
>      fchabt.insn = ins.insn and
>      fchabt.arbn = arb.arbn and
>      gbd.stcn = stc.stcn and
>      gbd.rmn = rm.rmn and
>      stf.gfhn = gfh.gfhn and
>      stf.mngn = mng.mngn and
>      stf.rstkmbn = rstkmb.rstkmbn and
>      stf.knzn = knz.knzn

Bill Karwin
Application Architect - Lutris Technologies, Inc.
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