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Enhydra: FW: ADMIN: mailing list changes

Hello lists,

The mailing lists are about to change.

We are changing list servers, from majordomo to mailman (
There are quite a few little differences, but here are the most important

User management -- instead of sending mail to subscribe or unsubscribe, you
may now use a series of web pages to manage your user preferences for any of
your subscribed lists.

SPAM control -- the lists will now be members-only.  Any list member can
send mail to the list and have it forwarded to the list members immediately.
If anyone who is not a member sends mail, it will be queued for the list
administrator to review and approve/reject.  Thus, people who aren't list
members can still post, but spammers and other miscreants will have a much
tougher time.

The lists will be migrated over the next couple of days.  Expect a "welcome"
email with your web-management password, and another "the lists have
changed!" mail that describes a few of the new features, and how to manage
your mailing list account.

If you have any questions, please mail the list or your
project chair.

(If any of you are wondering "why?"... many people have worried about the
spam that occasionally leaked through the old list manager; this will
prevent almost all of that.  The new list manager also greatly eases the
support burden. is growing rapidly; we now have over 70 lists,
and I just couldn't keep up with them!)


  Damon Tkoch

To unsubscribe from this mailing list, send email to
with the text "unsubscribe enhydra-announce" in the body of the email.
If you have other questions regarding this mailing list, send email to
the list admin at