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Enhydra: Announce: Zeus Beta 1

Announcing the release of the Zeus XML Data Binding Framework, Beta 1

This release, while in beta form, is completely usable for data binding
using XML DTDs. It includes support for taking any legal XML DTD (as defined
by the XML 1.0 Specification), and generating Java source files (.class)
from the DTD. This generation includes an interface and default
implementation class for each custom object defined in the DTD. Once
generation has completed, these source files are ready for compilation using
a standard Java compiler (like javac or jikes).

The package also has support for converting from an XML document to Java
objects (creating instances of the generated classes mentioned above), as
well as converting Java objects into an XML document representing the object
heirarchy, including all property field values. Round-tripping is accurate
in a about 95% of XML documents (in other words, the input document
converted to Java and back to XML remains the same as it was originally).

Additionally, Java objects can be converted to XML documents which do not
have a DTD, so your standard JavaBeans and other get/set based classes (such
as configuration objects) can easily be persisted to XML. You may also code
your own implementation classes of generated interfaces, and specify to the
Marshaller and Unmarshaller to use your customized implementation classes,
instead of the default ones generated. This makes Zeus completely
extensible, allowing integration with your own customized objects.

While beta releases are not typically announced in this fashion, this one is
simply because it is the first usable release of Zeus. Additionally, while
there is still performance tuning to be done, the DTD feature-set is fairly
complete, and should not change much in future betas or full releases. Check
us out at today, where you can get the latest binary
release (beta 1), get source code releases (beta 1 and from CVS), view
current JavaDoc, view UML documentation, and find out a ton more about Zeus.

Thanks in particular on this release to work done by Simon Tuffs, Spencer
Marks, Robert Sese, and Chris Newland.

See you in Zeus-land,
Brett McLaughlin
Project Chair, Zeus Data Binding

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