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Enhydra: XMLC 2.0 available

XMLC 2.0 (stand-alone) is now available from 

this is the version of XMLC that is bundled in Enhydra 3.1 and contains
all of the classes necessary to run XMLC in a non-Enhydra environment.

The focus of this release has been improvements in the runtime performance
of XMLC, as well as the addition of several new features.

   - Addition of the LazyDOM.  This is a DOM implementation derived
     from the Xerces DOM, that avoids instantiating nodes that are
     not accessed.  For documents were only a small portion of the
     DOM is access, this can result in a large reduction in the
     overhead of creating the DOM.  Up to a 5x speedup has been
     observed.  The LazyDOM is currently available for HTML and
     generic XML DOMs and is the default.  It can be disabled
     on a page-specific basis if required for highly dynamic pages.

   - Use of pre-formatted text on output. Avoids the overhead of
     scanning for entity references in unmodified text.

   - Support for includes using the server-side include syntax.
     This is enabled with the -ssi option.

   - Addition of XMLC meta-data files.  These are XML files that allow
     for the specification of options associated with compiling
     a document.  In future release, this will provide support for a
     super-set of the functionality available on the command line.

   - Optional creation of getTagXXX() methods.  These provide the
     same functionality as getElementXXX() methods, only returning
     an object of type Element.  This supports the use of interfaces
     implemented by multiple documents.
   - Support for namespaces in XML documents.

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