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Enhydra: Re: Security: recent list-spam

Hi all.

Maybe another idea (not sure if this has been discussed before).
Is it possible to let a subscriber of one list to do posting and all lists? This
will still limit the posting ability to members but you will not have to be a
member of all the lists you want to post in.
Like I said, I'm not sure if it has been discussed earlier. If so...sorry for my
spam :-).


Damon Tkoch wrote:

> Hi all,
> let's talk about spam!
> My apologies if you've received this more than once... I'm doing a bit of
> spamming myself, to all groups.
> The enhydra mailing lists have been getting a bit of it recently...
> All mailing lists are open, meaning non-members can post;
> further, there is a mailto: link to each list from the site
> which all sorts of nefarious email-address-harvesting web crawlers have been
> traversing recently.
> I've taken a number of steps as administrator to reduce this
> problem (subscribing to the RBL, the open-relay list, etc.) but I think it
> may be time to talk about our open list policy.
> Here's one option that's been tossed around:
> First, limit posts to lists by list members only.  To post to a list, one
> must subscribe to that particular list.  This would obviously limit
> non-subscriber spam.  It would perhaps also limit cross-posting to other
> relevant lists, and may limit the number of questions we get from
> unsubscribed newcomers.
> Also require confirmed subscriptions.  Any new list subscriber will receive
> a confirmation email which they must return to validiate their address,
> before being able to post.
> There are other options... and, if you guys feel that it's better to live
> with a bit of spam than limit the lists, I'd be happy to leave them open.
> Comments?
> -Damon
>  Damon Tkoch
>  gru,
>  somethinorother,
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