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Enhydra: Enhydra Enterprise Architecture published


    We have finally managed to pull together all the ideas and
contributions into a single unified architectural vision for the
Enhydra Enterprise platform. The architecture reflects the
integration of technologies and articulates a design that is not
just J2EE compliant, but offers other essential services such and
integrated management, distributed time and XML support. Things
are buzzing in the working groups and development is taking place
at a phenomenal rate - now's your chance to jump in and add your
wisdom and maybe some sweat and blood to this little project :-).
If you would like to try out the current alpha platform, then you
can download it from

    I hope enjoy the read and find such things as run-time
loadable services, integrated JMX/SNMP management, interceptor
style architecture as much fun as me. If you have any general
comments (both good and bad) please send them to the mail list or directly to the
relevant working group.

    Finally, there are way too many people to thank, but I would
like to add a special mention to Wayne Stidolph who pulled all
this information together into a very good read. Incidentally,
Wayne chairs the Architecture working group but is on vacation
for a week to recover from all the long days and nights...

Paul A Morgan
Chief Technology Officer
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA
831.471.9753, x207; 831.471.9754 (fax)
ICQ: 65557802

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