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Enhydra: New Working Groups!

Announcing the launch of two new Enhydra Working Groups: The Enhydra Enterprise Architecture Group, and the JMX Group.
The Enhydra Enterprise will be a full J2EE conforming application server. In the Architecture Working Group we seek to identify the "big picture" for the components that make up Enhydra Enterprise, to identify the common infrastructural elements that other working groups depend on, to define the specific requirements for those elements, and to provide common implementation elements for the other groups. Wayne Stidolph of Lutris Technologies is the Group Leader for the Architecture Group.
Please see for more information.
The JMX Group  is SNMP enabling both the Enhydra multiserver and Enhydra applications, using the new JMX management API.
Guy Smith of Plugged In Software is the Group Leader for the JMX Group.
Please see for more information.
If these are in your interest area, please come and join in on the discussions!
Greg Schwarzer
Director, Product Marketing
Lutris Technologies
831 460 7312