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Enhydra: Call for application stories.

Enhydra needs your help!  The press are very interested in hearing about the Enhydra applications that many of you are working on.  If you are working on an Enhydra-based application, from eCommerce to wireless, from B2b to intranet, let know!

We'll help to write up a case study, pitch it to the press, and make sure you and your Enhydra applications get the notice you deserve.  Whether you are a consultant or a corporate developer, tell us what you are working on.  Send an e-mail to Susan Turner,  with a one paragraph overview of your application, including an explanation of why Enhydra was the right choice for your application server, and we'll be in touch shortly with opportunities.

Talking about your Enhydra application benefits everybody. If you want the technology you use to become a standard, then
help us show the rest of the world that it is becoming a standard!

Thanks for your support!

Greg Schwarzer
Director, Product Marketing
Lutris Technologies
831 460 7312