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Enhydra: Enhydra 2.3 Beta 1 Available

The first beta test release of Enhydra 2.3 in now available for download
from the Enhydra download pages.  Detailed information about what's new is
in the release
notes, and you will find an overview at:


XML Compilation - Support for compiling XML documents has been added using
the IBM XML4J parser.

XMLC is again part of the standard Enhydra source tree and distribution.

XMLC now includes an additional HTML parser based on the Java port of HTML
Tidy. This program finds and corrects many of problems with HTML and is now
the default parser.

A new -docclass option has been added to XMLC to specify the DOM Document
class. This allows for DTD-specific XML DOM Documents and elements.

SSL Support - A new HTTPS connection method for the Multiserver now provides
enhanced security. It is based on the early access release of Java Secure
Socket Extension Kit (JSSE).

Dynamic Connection Methods
  - Build rules now determine what supporting libraries are on your
    system and only build the appropriate connection methods.
  - All connection methods are dynamically loadable at run time.
  - Additional connection methods can be added when defined in the
    multiserver.conf file.

To dowonload Enhydra 2.3 Beta 1:

To download Enhydra 2.3 Beta 1 source:

Ray Love
Director of Marketing
Lutris Technologies
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
831.471.9753 x212
FAX: 831.471.9754

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